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Deepika Vaidyanathan

deepika vaidyanathan

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About Me

Having finished my undergraduate engineering degree in Biotechnology, in India, I went on to pursue a Masters in Biotechnology at the Pennsylvania State University. During which time I had the opportunity to co-op at the Department of Defense, specifically with the Naval Medical Research Center, where I worked on the development of a multiplex PCR method to identify the different capsular strains of C. jejuni. After which I obtained a full time position at the Naval Medical Research Center, with the immunology group of Enterotoxicogenic E. coli, where I had the opportunity to work on the evaluation of various capsular conjugate vaccines on animal models and also on human models or human trials.

Past Work Experience

Research Assistant in Enterotoxicogenic E.coli department under the Infectious Diseases Division at the Naval Medical Research Centre, where I had the opportunity of working on a Phase I and II clinical trial for a prototype vaccine against Enterotoxicogenic E.coli. (Jan 2013-Jul 2014)

Co-op at the Campylobacter jejuni department, where I worked on the development of a multiplex PCR method for the detection of the various serotypes of C.jejuni. (May-Dec 2012)

Former Education

Ph.D, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Expected Dec 2019

Master of Biotechnology, The Pennsylvania State University, 2012

B. Tech Biotechnology, Anna University, 2011

Research Interests

I am coadvised by Prof. Robert J. Linhardt and Prof. Jonathan S. Dordick. My thesis is focused on understanding the mechanism and activity of, Glucuronyl C5-Epimerase, a critical enzyme involved in the synthesis of bioengineered 



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