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Li Fu

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Me

I joined RPI in the summer of 2012 as a visiting scholar. After two years of research, I finished my PhD dissertation and went back to RPI to continue my research work.

Former Education

Ph. D., Biochemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, China. May 2014

Dissertation: Enzymatic preparation, structural characterization and in vitro bioactivity evaluation of bioengineered heparin and enzymatic ultrafiltration low molecular weight heparin.

B.S., Food science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China. May 2009

Research Interests

Synthetic heparin and heparin-like drug.

Publications & Presentations

"Chemometric analysis of porcine, bovine and ovine heparins." Y. Ouyang, X. Han, Y. Yu, J. Chen, L. Fu, et al, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 164, 345–352, 2018.

“Enzymatic generation of highly anticoagulant bovine intestinal heparin.” L. Fu, K. Li, D. Mori, et al, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 60, 8673–8679 2017.

“Bioengineered Heparins and Heparan Sulfates.” L. Fu, M. Suflita, R. J. Linhardt, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 97, 237–249, 2016.

“Keratan sulfate glycosaminoglycan from chicken egg white.” L. Fu, X. Sun, W. He, et al, Glycobiology, 26, 693 -700, 2016.

“Analysis of heparins derived from bovine tissues and comparison to porcine intestinal heparins.” K. S. Ange, A. Onishi, L. Fu, et al, Clinical and Applied Thrombosis and Hemostasis, 22, 520-527, 2016.

“Heparin and related polysaccharides: Synthesis using recombinantly prepared enzyme.” M. Suflita, L. Fu, W. He, et al, Applied Microbiology, 99, 7465-7479, 2015.

“Rapid and accurate determination of the lignin content of lignocellulosic biomass by solid-state NMR.” L. Fu, S. A. McCallum, J. Miao, et al, Fuel, 141, 39-45, 2015.

“Production of chondroitin in metabolically engineered E. coli.” W. He, L. Fu, G Li, et al, Metabolic Engineering, 27, 92-100, 2015.

“ePathOptimize: A Combinatorial Approach for Transcriptional Balancing of Metabolic Pathways.” J. A. Jones, V. Vernacchio, D.Lachance, M. Lebovich, L. Fu, et al, Scientific Reports, 5, 11301, 2015.

“A purification process for heparin and precursor polysaccharides using the pH responsive behavior of chitosan.” U. Bhaskar, L. Fu, A.M. Hickey, et al, Biotechnology Progress, 31, 1348–1359, 2015.

“Combinatorial one-pot chemoenzymatic synthesis of heparin.” U. Bhaskar, G. Li, L. Fu, et al, Carbohydrate Polymers, 122, 399-407, 2015.

“Structure and Activity of a New Low Molecular Weight Heparin Produced by Enzymatic Ultrafiltration.” L. Fu, F. Zhang, G. Li, et al, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 103, 1375-1383, 2014.

“The Circulating Glycosaminoglycan Signature of Respiratory Failure in Critically Ill Adults.” E.P. Schmidt, G. Li, L. Li, L. Fu, et al, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289, 8194-8202, 2014.

“Method to detect contaminants in heparin using radical depolymerization and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.” G. Li, C. Cai, L. Li, L. Fu, et al, Analytical Chemistry, 86, 326-330, 2014.

“Heparin stability by determining unsubstituted amino groups using HILIC-MS,” L. Fu, L. Li, C. Cai, G. Li, F. Zhang, Robert J. Linhardt, Analytical Biochemistry, 461, 46–48, 2014.

“Structural Characterization of Pharmaceutical Heparins Prepared from Different Animal Tissues.” L. Fu, G. Li, B. Yang, et al, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 102, 1447-1457, 2013.

“Immobilized enzymes to convert N-sulfo, N-acetyl heparosan to a critical intermediate in the production of bioengineered heparin.” J. Xiong, U. Bhaskar, G. Li, L. Fu, et al, Journal of Biotechnology, 167, 241-247, 2013.


  • L. Fu et al. (2018), “Enzymatic Preparation of Anticoagulant Bovine Sourced Heparin”, PCT Application.
  • L. Fu et al. (2018), “Biosynthetic Heparin, PCT/US17/5038.

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding dissertation, ZJUT, 2014
  • Outstanding graduate, ZJU, 2009