Vibha Narayanan

Graduate Student

Headshot image of graduate student Vibha N.

I joined the Dordick Group in 2017 after completing my Master’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Rutgers – the State University of NJ. I am from Chennai, India and enjoy singing and reading in my free time.

Former Education

B.Tech in Chemical Engineering, SRM University, Chennai, May 2015
M.S in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers- the State University of NJ, October 2017

Research Interests

I am currently studying the effect of several drugs using the HTS platform on amyloid beta aggregation in an in vitro Alzheimer’s Disease model. My research includes the introduction of Familial AD mutations into a neural progenitor cell line, establishing a 3D cell culture model for the disease and testing several drug libraries on this cell culture model to study amyloid beta aggregation. I am also interested in studying the effects of amyloid beta on neuroinflammation and neuronal death.


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