Image DNA Star DENV

New approach could be used to detect and kill viruses in the bloodstream

By folding snippets of DNA into the shape of a five-pointed star using structural DNA nanotechnology, researchers have created a trap that captures Dengue virus as it floats in the bloodstream.



Greater understanding of phenomena could enable unprecedented control over gene expression

TROY, N.Y. — Magnetogenetics — the idea that you can use magnetic fields to control cells and activate cellular pathways — has immense potential in biomanufacturing, medicine, tissue regeneration, and biosensing. Despite its promise, the mechanism behind magnetogenetics remains largely unknown.


Image A Lego Like Approach to Improve Natureu2019s Own Ability to Kill Dangerous Bacteria

A Lego-Like Approach to Improve Nature’s Own Ability to Kill Dangerous Bacteria

Research capitalizes on ability of enzymes to target and kill bacteria, improving possible solution to problem of antibiotic resistance.