Dordick Group Ordering Instructions

  1. Each lab member is responsible for monitoring the supply of commonly used materials. Please do not let items run out.
  2. If you notice any stock being low (before taking the last box/bag), please place an order. This is especially important for material like gloves, tips, tubes.
  3. During your week for ordering please check all general lab supplies.
  4. All orders must be placed in the lab management tool, Quartzy. Look up the item in the Inventory list, and click “reorder”.
  5. Due to ongoing supply chain issues, please check the vendors in Oscar for item availability.

Supplies Monitoring Schedule

Week Of:Responsible Person
Sep 5/21Jordan Mundell
Sep 12/21Iswarya MKS
Sep 19/21Vibha Narayanan
Sep 26/21Sagan Leggett
Oct 2/21Monica Mixon
Oct 10/21Shirley Xu
Oct 17/21Inseon Lee
Oct 24/21Iswarya MKS
Oct 31/21Vibha Narayanan
Nov 7/21Andre Lopes Rodrigues
Nov 14/21Jordan Mundell
Nov 21/21Seok-Joon Kwon
Nov 28/21Vibha Narayanan
Dec 5/21Sagan Leggett
Dec 12/21Monica Mixon
Dec 19/21Shirley Xu
Jan 9/22Inseon Lee
Jan 16/22Iswarya MKS
Jan 23/22Vibha Narayanan
Jan 30/22Andre Lopes Rodrigues
Feb 6/22Jordan Mundell


  • Tips:  0-20µl, 10-200µl, 100-1000µl, 500-5000µl
  • Tubes:  PCR tubes, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, 15ml, 50ml
  • Serological pipettes:  2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml
  • Petri dishes
  • Gel supplies:  Coomassie stain, gels
  • Balance supplies:  Weigh boats of 3 sizes
  • Chemicals:  Buffer supplies, i.e. Na/K phosphate, Tris, salt
  • Culture media:  LB, agar, nutrient broth
  • Gloves:  all sizes
  • Decontamination:  Bleach, 70% ethanol, kimwipes, tissue rolls in the dispensers


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