Dordick Lab Rules

  1. Lab coats and safety glasses are worn in the lab.
  2. Door handles are not touched with gloved hands. Please carry spare gloves in your lab coat pockets.
  3. Log books must be filled out when equipment is used.
  4. Pipette tips must first be placed in cardboard containers (see below) and then placed in Biohazard bags; they cannot be placed directly in Biohazard bags (puncture hazard).
  5. Biologically contaminated waste goes in the red Biohazard waste bin. You are responsible for emptying the red bins when they are full and taking the red bags to the third floor.
  6. Chemically contaminated waste goes in the yellow glass waste bin.
  7. Agarose gel waste goes in the ethidium bromide waste and contaminated tips go in a box (as pictured above) labeled ethidium bromide and this is placed in the ethidium bromide waste.
  8. Protein gel equipment must be replaced in cabinets when dried. Please dry equipment on your bench, not around the sink.
  9. Nothing should be left around the sink areas. It leads to clutter, which results in breakages.
  10. You are responsible for emptying the black bin, under your bench, into the yellow glass waste bins at the end of the benches, nobody is going to do it for you.
  11.  Empty chemical bottles should be rinsed out and placed in the yellow bins labeled ‘EMPTY CHEMICAL BOTTLES’, not the glass waste.
  12. All new chemicals should be listed on the inventory, when received by the person who ordered them.
  13. Solvents and acids are stored in the separate cupboards. Incompatible chemicals cannot come in contact: they need to have separate secondary storage in the cupboard (pans).
  14. It is your responsibility to ensure waste bottles are collected when full. All waste bottles must be properly labeled.
  15. If it’s your week for ordering, it’s also your week for stocking up the supplies in the glass cabinets.
  16.  Empty boxes should be flattened and disposed in the container at the end of the corridor.
  17. Tubes and flasks should only be placed in incubators if there is a suitable holder. If not you need to go elsewhere with your sample, the use of tape is not allowed.
  18. If you are responsible for a piece of equipment its cleanliness is your responsibility. This includes exchanging cardboard tip boxes. If others are leaving a mess, you have to clean up after them.
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